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f10f25d3-4d53-46bc-aa5e-3fab758a1fd4Select 1969TriumphGT6 PlusParts Parting Out-What do you need?  By Request
0b5167a8-b681-46da-80ae-4cc09eba9642Select  Austin Healey    Part number 4 B 1091. Fits BN-2 to BJ8. This is not a repro, but a new factory fender.  $1800
db621da6-6cf1-4339-834b-8142ed979f8bSelect  JaguarXK120Air cleaner manifold Both pieces in very good condition. Comes with end cap mounting strap and 1 big and 1 little original clamps. Very rare and usually missing.  $300.00
066644db-5a53-424b-bfbb-be66d997dad4Select  TriumphTR2/ TR3  Good selection of sheet metal for TR2/ TR3/ TR3A/ and TR3B. N.O.S. Rear panel, used large mouth nose panel, doors, hoods and trunk lids. Also windshields, seats, grilles, top frames and misc. trim. Em...   
9b7c1ecf-27b6-461d-9675-68a570e4cf9eSelect  Morris MinorMinor 1000  Sheet metal. New parts, including bumpers, bumper valances, front fenders and misc. inner body panels. New suspension pieces, nice steering wheels, new brake parts, new rubber trim. Many used parts. E...   
6f1ea60d-9fa6-48e5-b610-1495ee99cdc6Select  TriumphTR4/ 4A  Rebuilt TR4A engine. Used sheet metal, seat frames, suspensions, transmissions (no overdrives), interior trim, top frames, windshields and many other used parts. Email your needs or call (717)244-5279...   
c279e8c0-940d-4161-9d47-5019ca4fe41fSelect 1974Triumph Stag  Most parts available.   
14bf62a4-b895-4a5b-9522-a14d5d957b78Select  Austin Healey    Part number 4 B 1092. Fits BN2 to BJ8. This is not a repro, but a new factory fender.  $1800
eb714318-ebf9-48b7-9c5c-2ebf1eae275aSelect  Austin Healey100-6/ 3000  Fenders, doors, hoods, shrouds and many misc. body brackets. Transmissions, engine blocks and heads and various internal parts, windshields and frames, top frames and various interior parts. Suspensio...   
883bff42-6e14-4fd3-b621-4426e9f6ed22Select  JaguarMK7  Probablly the last one around !  Replace that rusty or damaged panel.  $800
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