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f10f25d3-4d53-46bc-aa5e-3fab758a1fd4Select 1969TriumphGT6 PlusParts Parting Out-What do you need?  By Request
0b5167a8-b681-46da-80ae-4cc09eba9642Select  Austin Healey    Part number 4 B 1091. Fits BN-2 to BJ8. This is not a repro, but a new factory fender.  $1800
db621da6-6cf1-4339-834b-8142ed979f8bSelect  JaguarXK120Air cleaner manifold Both pieces in very good condition. Comes with end cap mounting strap and 1 big and 1 little original clamps. Very rare and usually missing.  $300.00
c279e8c0-940d-4161-9d47-5019ca4fe41fSelect 1974Triumph Stag  Most parts available.   
14bf62a4-b895-4a5b-9522-a14d5d957b78Select  Austin Healey    Part number 4 B 1092. Fits BN2 to BJ8. This is not a repro, but a new factory fender.  $1800
883bff42-6e14-4fd3-b621-4426e9f6ed22Select  JaguarMK7  Probablly the last one around !  Replace that rusty or damaged panel.  $800
b978cd08-8b7e-4650-a57e-102e824eaaecSelect      Appears to have never been used. Two-sided, with no damage. Measures 6 ft. X 4 ft. Bet you don't have one !   
ea809997-81b6-4af8-ba70-7eaa788d380aSelect 1998Lotus Espritmuffler Removed from a 1998. Good condition.  100.00
9ec58d9b-e8b5-46f5-9fa7-0c5ba9618c56Select  Alfa Romeo 1600 engine One US spec engine and one Euro spec. Both turn and were running when removed. Many other Alfa parts available, from 1960 to 1994.    
e6c2c986-26bf-426d-9e78-84beca4e1b9eSelect  MG TCSheetmetal All panels are in good used condition. Light damage on some. but no rust-out problems. Email for good description or call 717-244-0669. No mechanical parts available at this time.   
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